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Primetweets is an online social, entertaining and interactive news platform targeted at Nigerians and other parts of the world. It is aimed at tweeting (publishing) Latest Entertainment News, Movies and Music Reviews/Talk, the Hottest Celebrity Gossips, Trending Fashion and Beauty Styles, interesting Lifestyle and Romance Stories, Sports and Events of all the latest happenings around the world.

It was founded on 14th February, 2012, by Pius Princewill‎, a vibrant and talented man with ICT/Writing skills who had the spirit and passion of building a platform where Nigerians could know what’s happening in their society and in the world, also for foreigners to be informed about Nigeria’s development in Entertainment. Since then, the platform has been offering the best services it could based on its mission and mandate.

The website houses interesting sections that makes it suitable for everyone to use as it also get users notified about all the events happening around the world (most especially in the Entertainment Industry). The news and updates are always short and comes in summary so it can be easy for the general public to read and understand; representing the name “tweet”, and it’s easy to navigate. One important thing the website does is that it’s updated with relevant information and things you’d want to know and not just news. We sometimes offer Polls/Quizzes to confirm the authenticity of breaking stories and reports.

This online portal also offers promotion of upcoming talented entertainers in Music, Movie Acting, Modeling e.t.c., to a standard level. In 2016, the management came with an idea of managing talented entertainers, thereby providing a space where #OurOwn sponsored talents and their works can be seen by the public with just a link. #OurOwn sponsored entertainers can share this link to friends on Social Media to track their latest releases. These #OurOwn are those up and coming entertainers that are doing well in their respective fields in entertainment.

The main sections of this website are; Entertainment, Fashion and Lifestyle, under which we have Article/Talk, Fashion and Beauty, Music, Movies, Reviews, 18+ Stories, Events, Viral Gossip, Entertainment News and Social News.

The Article/Talk section covers opinionated written thoughts by Primetweets Journalists (#PrimeJournalist) to express our view in a situation on ground or situation of something the general public ought to know. The Chief Writer of Primetweets is Pius Princewill.

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– Updated 29-10-2018