6 Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Muira Puama

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Muira puama is a highly effective ingredient utilized in Brazilian people drugs. Its most vital use is as an aphrodisiac – although its wooden and roots have a number of different advantages too. In this put up, we’ll focus on how chances are you’ll use this Brazilian plant for enhancing your well being.

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How Does Muira Puama Work?

Muira puama, also called Ptychopetalum olacoides, is predominantly used within the Brazilian area to boost sexual perform in older males. The plant is thought to boost vitality and sexuality (which is why it is usually often called efficiency wooden). It additionally acts as a nerve tonic for treating continual nervous degenerative illnesses.

Muira puama comprises terpenoids, that are believed to be essentially the most energetic elements of the plant that contribute to the advantages. Studies present that terpenoids work as highly effective plant antioxidants (1). Other vital compounds embody flavonoids and alkaloids (2).

All of those important parts of muira puama can have exceptional well being advantages. We will take a look at them intimately.

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How Can Muira Puama Benefit Your Health?

1. Treats Erectile Dysfunction


Muira puama acts as as nerve stimulant and will increase receptiveness to sexual stimuli (enhancing penile hardness). It additionally enhances the bodily sensation of intercourse.

The plant is wealthy in sterols (campesterol and lupol) that activate the physique’s receptors to hormones like testosterone. Muira puama additionally comprises risky oils like camphor that restore intercourse drive (3).

Muira puama can be one of many substances utilized in a remedy for reversing age-related erectile dysfunction (4).

2. Boosts Libido

A novel natural formulation containing muira puama was discovered to considerably increase intercourse drive in 65% of the ladies individuals examined. Over a interval, this resulted in statistically vital enhancements within the frequency of sexual wishes, sexual fantasies, and satisfaction with sexual life (5).

It additionally improved the power to succeed in orgasm and the depth of the orgasm (6).

3. Helps Treat Alzheimer’s

Treatment with muira puama for 14 days had prevented cognitive impairment in mice induced with Alzheimer’s (7).

Muira puama additionally boosts testosterone, which is taken into account a neuroprotective compound. The hormone is discovered to lower amyloid B secretions, thereby slicing the chance of Alzheimer’s (8).

4. Can Boost Memory

In a mice research, constant use of muira puama was discovered to help reminiscence retrieval. This impact, as per the research, could also be attributed to the antioxidant results of muira puama (9).

Muira puama will also be used to deal with situations related to cognitive deficits. This can also embody issues associated to the malfunction of nerve cells (10).

The plant additionally promotes the expansion of neurons that additional helps increase reminiscence and improve studying (11).

5. Helps Relieve Stress


In a research, muira puama was discovered to counteract some results of continual stress. The plant presents antioxidant and neuroprotective advantages, thereby combating stress. The research concludes by stating that muira puama may need adaptogen-like properties (12).

6. Aids Depression Treatment

Muira puama was additionally discovered to have anti-depressant properties, which might additionally assist stop stress-induced hyperactivity (13).

Muira puama belongs to the category of pure aphrodisiacs with potent properties. It has been in use since ages in Brazilian folklore – all for its advantages. In case you have been questioning how one can devour muira puama, it’s fairly easy.

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How To Consume Muira Puama

The finest method to devour muira puama is as an alcohol-based tincture. This works higher than a capsule or tea. You might take 2 to 4 ml, twice every day. But, make sure you verify with a natural practitioner.

The energetic vary for anxiolytic and anti-stress results in rats is 100-300 mg/kg, and in people, this will convert to the next values:

  • 1,100 – 3,300 mg for a individual weighing 150 lbs
  • 1,500 – 4,400 mg for a individual weighing 200 lbs
  • 1,800 – 5,500 mg for a individual weighing 250 lbs

These will not be absolute values, and there’s much less analysis on them. Hence, we suggest you verify with an knowledgeable (a natural practitioner/doctor) earlier than going for muira puama.

Another cause it’s essential to verify with an knowledgeable earlier than consuming this herb is that there’s inadequate analysis on its unintended effects. We don’t know what long-term use of muira puama can result in. Hence, train warning. Some anecdotal proof states that common use of the plant might set off insomnia in sure people.

There is inadequate info on drug interactions too. If you might be on any remedy, please verify together with your physician earlier than going for the herb. Also, it’s higher if pregnant and lactating ladies steer clear of it.

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The results of muira puama are potent, and a ton of analysis helps its use. But since we don’t have sufficient info on its antagonistic results, we suggest you to make use of it underneath medical supervision.

What do you consider muira puama? Are you going to make use of it? Do share your ideas by leaving a remark within the field beneath.


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